Exhibitor List

2018 Exhibitor List


3JS has been servicing major hospital and pharmacy groups around the country for 22 years. Our specialist till roll, labelling, stationery and packaging divisions are both highly successful with a focus on quality and efficiency through the global sourcing, manufacture and distribution of our products.


AlfaJiri is the pharmaceutical arm of Maerua Medical Centre, a vibrant medical practice located in Windhoek, Namibia.

Created  in 2015 to close the gap in the market in the provision of high quality cutting edge tech products that the traditional big Pharma companies overlook.

Famous for introducing the innovative sprayable range of products, sprayable energy and sprayable sleep and quickly expanding their portfolio to include sports centric equipment like the Rapid Recovery pneumatic system.

AlfaJiri continues to grow, seeking more products that match its range of high quality technologically driven pharmaceutical products.


Allegra Overview

Who is Allegra?

Allegra is a tech-based contributor to the medical sector that empowers healthcare communities by providing access to information that enhances total individual care.

How did Allegra start?

Allegra was founded in 2001 by Louis Steyn who developed a Primary Care Practice Management Solution, with a focus on Clinical Information Management.

In 2006 Allegra was part of an Outcomes research study. This study was published in SA Heart Journal November 2008.  Due to the positive outcomes of this research, Allegra went ahead and developed the WellScreen Health Assessment Module. This module is currently deployed in 90% of corporate pharmacies and is the market leader at independent pharmacy and clinic sites.

Part of the solution is the Biometric Data exchanges that currently communicates to certain medical aids including Discovery Vitality, Momentum and Medscheme administered medical aids. E.g. Bonitas, Fedhealth, Polmed, Sasolmed and many others

In the same period Allegra was contracted to develop a Courier Pharmacy Solution that is also the framework for the complete retail pharmacy management solution.

During September 2011 Helios Pty. (Ltd.) acquired a 51% stake in Allegra Pty Ltd. Helios is part of the Afrocentric group of companies which is listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange.

What do we do?

Allegra has a complete individual care philosophy. Our software gives you a full view of an individual’s health record. You are a critical part of a bigger healthcare ecosystem and Allegra aims to provide you accurate information pertaining to an individual’s health and wellness.

Allegra makes it seamless for you to gather and share the vital information with appropriate healthcare providers, funders and other stakeholders, ultimately resulting in enhanced quality of life for your patients.

Our software acts as a healthcare hub, enabling you to connect to other value contributors.

Our software streamlines existing and new, innovative business processes, allowing you to help more patients in less time, thus growing your business.

It is important to capture your patient’s details through all the seasons of their life. Let Allegra be your partner in providing total individual healthcare for your community

What do we offer ?

  • The Pharmacy Management solution

Whether centralized or branch based, the Allegra Pharmacy solution keeps processes consistent, inventories low, and profitability high.

The Product includes:

  • Multi-branch, patient focused, pharmaceutical care.
  • Scheduling and management of chronic medication
  • Centralized management of:
    • Financial risk,
    • Electronic remittance advise reconciliation
    • Gross profit (promotions mark-ups and categories)
    • Procurement
    • Client relationships
      •  Bookings
      •  SMS
      • E-mail
      • Communication
  • Integrated with Primary care, PCDT and wellness management solutions
  • The Primary Healthcare solution

The Allegra Primary healthcare solution facilitates service delivery to patients via standardized protocols for immunizations, WellBaby, wound care, family planning and other primary care services. In addition, a full patient history is available during consultations to ensure informed decision making and quality patient care.

The product includes:

  • Practice Management
  • WellScreen health risk assessment module
  • Point of Sale
  • Patient Profiles
  • Procurement and Inventory Management
  • SMS and Email communication capabilities
  • Electronic diary that can be used for patient follow-up communication
  • Digital health guidelines

Virtual care solution

The latest addition to our product offering is Virtual Care capabilities.  This allows a healthcare provider to interact with a general practitioner in real time, to assist patients with complaints that would traditionally have needed a referral.

  • Financial Claims

Allegra provides Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Real Time transaction processing for many leading Medical Schemes, and is active in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland. These services include real-time as well as batch claims processing for more than 40 medical disciplines and we handle in excess of 3.5 million claim transactions per month.

Allegra Stakeholder Organogram

Where can you find us?

Address: 50 Betty Street, Riviera, Pretoria

Office: 0861222985

Email: [email protected]

Azariah Pharmaceuticals Ltd - South Africa

Azariah Pharmaceuticals launch Flexofend at the show for the first time. Flexofend is a joint defense health supplement with a triple action. Pain/Stiffness and cartilage protection.

Brentoni Distributors CC - South Africa

Brentoni Distributors was founded in Cape Town in 1992  and as such we have a long history and lots of experience in the Southern African market place.

We supply BRENTONI Sunglasses and Reading glasses to Pharmacies and Fashion Boutiques from Cape Town throughout South Africa , Namibia , Botswana , Mauritius and the Seychelles.

Our ranges are constantly being updated with new styles to keep us up to date with the latest trends and fashions, there is always something new and exciting on our displays stands.

We have an extensive network of sales agents that strive to give our customers the best possible service and back up. We also offer our clients 100% stock protection , that is, if a line is not selling we simply remove it and replace it with a new one.

Our marketing activities include a very active Facebook campaign ,Mrs South Africa partnership , radio and print advertising thus ensuring that when a customer walks into your store and sees the BRENTONI brand it is instantly recognisable.

CHIC - South Africa

Chicare a company that specialises in Accessories Ranges for the pharmacy’s

We have a every Day Fashion range for lady’s, Kids Hair fashion range, a range for Schools hair accessories in the various colours and a Basic Hair, a Bath range, Brush and Comb range, Beauty Range, Haberdashery range, Vanity bags and Toiletry bags And we have a salon quality Nail System The nail system includes all aspects of manicure and pedicure from Gel colours to nail lamps

Cirrus Healthcare Products SA - South Africa

Cirrus Healthcare Products SA is a company that was established 10 years ago and was launched with the desire to create solutions for very specific ear care problems. To date we have added to our profile and now specialise in: Ear care, Haircare and Scar care specific products.

We strive to offer the best range and pricing options for all the products we manufacture and distribute.

Our range is very dynamic and we like to add new products that keep us ahead of the trends in our marketshare.

Last year saw the launch of our own branded “Cartoonz” range, which we have added to this year with our Nose Plugs and Combo Box.

Our hair care range offer unique solutions to growing hair and counteracting Lice problems.

We strive to do all we do ethically and honour our commitments within the trade in an effective manner.

Creating cutting edge brands is our aim.

City Medical Wholesalers - South Africa

City Medical is truly one of the last standing BEE Compliant and leading independent Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Distributors of prescription medicine both branded and generics, OTC products, Patent & Front Shop Products, homeopathic, surgical, and dental products.

The City Medical Group started from modest and humble beginnings some 25 years ago. The group has, over the years grown into the largest privately-owned Pharmaceutical Wholesaler in South Africa with four state of the art Distribution Centre’s located in Pretoria, KZN, Polokwane, and Johannesburg.

The company has grown into a vibrant nationwide network servicing independent Community and Hospital Pharmacy, Clinics, and other Allied Healthcare Professionals.

Derma / Ion CC T/A DMK - South Africa

- TURBO FREEZE – The Ultimate Pain Relief Solution
Introducing TURBO FREEZE, South Africa’s number one pain relief solution! TURBO FREEZE, a ground-breaking, highly effective pain relief formulation used by sportsmen and medical professionals, is designed to bring quick relief to arthritis sufferers, painful joints and for muscle recovery. How TURBO FREEZE Works
Clinically Proven Cryotherapy – It has long been established that cold therapy or “cryotherapy” decreases pain. TURBO FREEZE pain relief is a topical analgesic that delivers the therapeutic benefits of cryotherapy in an effective, convenient-to-use formula

DNA Logic - South Africa

DNA Logic represents two market leading companies in Southern Africa, they are BD – Rowa & Swisslog . We market, sell, design, install and service both system solutions designed for the Healthcare/pharmacy sector in Southern Africa.


The Rowa automated storage & dispensing unit is used for dispensing of pharmacy stock including ethical and OTC items. This modular system offers full stock tracking, stock optimization, expiry date logging, fast dispensing as well as space saving due to compact storage of packages.

We also offer a remote dispensing terminal called the Rowa Click & Collect which allows for remote pick up of medication and other items from a pharmacy or hospital by the patient.

Furthermore, Rowa Vmotion can be used for digital display of OTC and free choice items and can be used as a virtual shelf. Items are displayed on interactive touch screens, where medication information and contra-indications can be displayed. The screens are completely interactive and can display videos, 3D pictures and other marketing material.


A pneumatic tube system is a distribution of network tubes, through which carriers of various sizes, transport items to and from various destinations. Pneumatic tube systems are used for rapid and spontaneous transport of goods that require safe, traceable and reliable delivery. A blower unit generates suction or compression of air that propels carriers through the customer specific network of tubes. Many aspects of the system allow items to be delivered to wherever it is desired; distances and height do not represent obstacles for such a system.

Flavorx - South Africa

When it comes to kids taking their medicine, you know better than anyone how important it is that everything goes down smoothly. The most effective treatments can’t work if your patients won’t take the medicine or spit it back out. By recommending FLAVORx to your patients and their parents, you’ll be encouraging the best possible outcome from a liquid medication regimen. When you recommend FLAVORx to your patients, they will know to request a custom flavor for their medication when they arrive at the pharmacy. Giving their child a choice not only improves compliance, it greatly improves the medicine-time experience, and the likelihood the child will take your first line choice of medication as prescribed!

GENEWAY ™ (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

GENEWAY™ offers a range of genetic tests that will teach you more about your unique genetic makeup and how you can adapt your lifestyle, diet and environment to live your best life.

There has never ever been a person quite like you on planet Earth. From your head to your toes, you are a brand-new story being told by intricate strings of DNA locked away in your unique genetic code. Technology is at a point where we can easily provide the valuable information* you require making decisions that will lead to a happier, healthier, more vital life.

It’s time to get curious about your genes and what they mean.

Improve your health and longevity by unlocking the mysteries of your genetic code today. Learn more about our range of tailored DNA tests that allow forward-thinking individuals to make slight changes in their environment, diet, medications and more to give their bodies exactly what it needs to thrive.

Health Window Cc - South Africa

Health Window is a patient adherence company. We focus on overcoming the patient’s obstacles to commence and continue therapy. We offer clients hard-to-replicate levels of patient enrolment and adherence gains. Sales growth follows, and patients have better health outcomes.

Healthforce - South Africa

Healthforceexists to find better ways to make people better using a combination of technology and people.

Healthforceaims to make nurse run clinics points of effective and specialist care. This is achieved by providing nurses a practice management system (for scheduling of and guidance through consultations), as well as by giving them access to a network of doctors through a telemedicine portal on the system. The doctor’s diagnosis is facilitated by digital devices, machine learning algorithms and the nurse’s ability to evaluate the patient in-person. In this way we can improve the quality of skills in consultations, reduce the costs and inconvenience of accessing such skills, while keeping the personal relationship of trust between a patient and their local health provider. The system includes some valuable features, including a direct Discovery Vitality wellness upload feature (one of less than a handful in South Africa) and scripting functionality that drives pharmacy sales.

Healthforce - supported nurses are currently running 20,000 consultations per month, including 2,500 virtual doctor consultations.

Heritage Surgical Products CC - South Africa

With thirty eight years experience in the manufacture of medical devices, the founder of heritage surgical products, is an innovative leader in the manufacture of high quality urinary & incontinence bags & collection devices , the lautenbach irrigation system for bone sepsis, wound suction units and sinus irrigation devices.

We are sole importer of the full range of astroglide personal lubricants, one of the world’s top selling lubricants.

We also import the we-vibe range of world leading couples and solo vibrators, which set new industry standards for passion and play. we-vibe are dedicated to shaping the future of sexual health and wellness.

We are also sole importer of the world renowned stim-u-dent original plaque removers. these soft, mint flavoured flexible wooden cleaners have a unique triangular shape, which clean effectively between teeth & stimulate the gums.

Immploy Recruitment CC - South Africa

“Immploy Medical Recruitment is a premier recruitment agency focusing exclusively on the placement of medical staff at a variety of government and private facilities. Our specialist nursing, doctor, healthcare professional and pharmacy divisions provide complete staffing solutions, assigning both locum and permanent medical professionals to locations across South Africa. Immploy also offers locums free income tax assistance, weekly payments and 24-hour assistance.”

IMPO Distributors Group - South Africa

IMPO Distributors is a privately owned company that manufactures, imports and distributes a wide variety of different products for the South African market and abroad.

Equipped with a professional sales force with years of wholesale and distribution experience, relationship building is at the core of our business, and we strive to provide win-win solutions for our clients.

We take pride in delivering exceptional quality service and cater to a wide variety of needs and expectations, whether the quantities are large or small.

Our ranges consist of dynamic, hand-picked products that cater to the ever-changing needs of today’s consumers.

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